Code: 166661

Roto-Z Oil

Price20,000,000 Rial

Roto-Z Oil for usage in Oil-Free Atlas Copco Screw Compressors

Package: 20 litre gallon

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Roto-Z Oil Fluid

For excellent anti-wear properties and oxidation resistance, Roto-Z lubricant provides a reliability and thermal stability that is unmatched.  Superior oxidation control minimizes formation of corrosive acids, deposits and sludge. For use in oil-free Z rotary screw and tooth compressors; it is blended specifically for Atlas Copco Z-compressors.

  • Drain intervals doubled in comparison to conventional lubricants

  • High viscosity index to maintain efficiency at high operating temperatures

  • Stable in severe temperature or load conditions

Compatible with: ZR, ZT, ZA, ZE compressors
Available in: 5 plastic can – 20 plastic can – 209 metal drum